Our Story

What we do

TecHelium has a mission to make complex technologies simple and build innovative offerings that will value add to our customers

We are focused on providing solution enablers that accelerate product development and deployment. We back it up with extremely well trained and talented engineering team that will make your implementation a success.

Internet of Thing ( IoT)

  • We are working in building a truly word class solution, leveraging IoT to solve some of the key challenges across a range of industries and domains

Telecom / Datacom Domain

  • Building unique IPR based solution Datacom / Telecom Domain
  • Skill development; Building a pool of , project ready, well trained and talented engineering team.

What We offer

We help companies accelerate their products/ solutions to get to the market faster. We provide

  • Custom built engineering solution
  • Talented and well trained pool of Project ready resources
  • Ready to use Test suites
  • Off shore Product test services
  • Read here for more info on our It services and Business models

Management Team

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Harish Kandpal

co founder

Harish Kandpal,  has over 24 years of experience in Telecom / Datacom / Testing. He is a serial entrepreneur and holds patent in testing.  Loves to address business challenges through innovative technical solutions.

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Satish Tenkanadiyur

co founder

Satish Tenkanadiyur , is an experienced professional with 24 years of experience in Telecom / Datacom domains.  Has extensive experience in addressing the solutions to global companies. He enjoys bringing in business ideas that solve some of the business challenges that companies face.