Automation Frame works

Our deep domain experience and expertise helps us provide you tailored solutions that can address your automation goals and objectives.

What we offer – Automation Frame works

  • Design / Architect frame works that is efficient, scalable and robost
  • Build / Add / Develop features to existing frame work
  • Enhance / Maintain existing frame works
  • Address all aspects of test cycle
  • Integration services with other tools and components
  • Enhance reporting, Metrics collection etc
  • Easier reading of logs and quickly isolate issues
  • Lab resource sharing /management solution

Building a test automation framework needs experience, design skills and a lot of foresight. While testers bring in a lot of value and insight into developing the framework, it is the designers and developers who eventually build it. Hence any frame work developer will need to have a good in-depth exposure to testing and should have been a developer. This rare skill is what Techelium brings into Test Automation Frame work development. We bring in the best software engineering practices and come with innovative ways to address specific automation requirements.

What we solve

We can take over entire chunks or whole of your automation projects

  • Our team can become an extended part of your dev team
  • Bring expertise in design , Architecture and solutioning
  • Come with road maps
  • Optimse and reduce overall cost

Address third party tool integration issues

The automation eco system normally includes components that are from third party that need to be integrated to the extent possible in the automation set up. These third party components could include traffic generators, emulators, and third party devices, software components all of which are essential in making the automation more effective and efficient.

Our deep test automation expertise helps to come with innovative solutions that will provide integration services based in specific requirements.

Whether its NMS testing, Protocol testing, Firmware tests or device testing, UI testing etc each of the specific testing has its set of automation requirements and demands. In order to achieve cost and speed efficiencies it becomes essential to combine many of the functionality and integrate then at different levels of the automation frame work.

We can provide customized solutions that not only scale but are robust and help achieve the automation objectives


Each organization has specific needs and demands when it comes to automation, Given the speed is the key in testing, test cycles and delivery cycles are getting shorter. Bringing test efficiencies is of paramount importance in order to achieve the over all company objectives.

This puts lot of pressure on resources and prioritization of resources becomes a key factor and many a times, this takes away the ability to look for solutions beyond the firefighting situations.

Techelium can provide an excellent consulting service to look at deep into issues , getting to the bottom of them and come up with a comprehensive approach to address. Our engineering approach will factor in short term, medium term and long term solutions.

We can provide consultancy ion areas including

  • Frame work Architecture
  • Move toward one touch automation
  • where efficiencies and effectiveness can be added / enhanced
  • Road maps for short term , medium term and long term
  • Identify the bottle necks in the existing set up
  • Advise of open source tools and frame works
  • Provide a 360 degree view of pain and gain areas
  • Project estimations – cost and time line
  • ROI guideline

Test Automation Accelerators

We have in house developed. integrated offering that can jump start automation. We work with Open sources frame worse and have built customization to suite some of the specific needs. Along with the open source offerings we have our own wrappers, libraries and features that can help accelerate your automation objectives.

  • Customized open frame work with added functionality
  • Ready test cased for many l2/l3 Protocols
  • Integration with third part tools like wireshark and scapy
  • Added Debugging functionality for quick isolation of issues
  • Test Log management
  • Step by step log with UI for easy analysis and debugging

Our Value Proposition

  • We can take over the automation solutions entirely and free up your bandwidth
  • Optimise resources utilisation
  • Allow you to focus on quality of the testing / coverage
  • Reduced stress levels on resources – and hence better focus and quality testing
  • Easily adjust to faster sprint cycles
  • Build better products
  • Faster delivery cycles
  • Focus on bug free products

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