Continuous Integration – Dev Ops – Automation

CI is now a part and parcel of organizations that have migrated to Agile methodology.

It not only helps to speed of release cycles it also helps iron out issues faster and sooner.

While these are great benefits, it needs a mature processes and practices that help in getting to the ultimate goal of perfection. While process need to be hoed and fined tunes, the benefits can be maximized when automation in build into the CI work flow.

Why CI Automation

Bring in Quality automation into the CI process can significantly increase the benefits of CI, Not only are resources more productive, they will also do less and less or repetitive and boring tasks. They will have more time to focus on key areas and deliver better results.

  • Faster ROI
  • Faster sprints
  • Lesser re-do for the dev team
  • Easily identify the check in issues before merger with main tree
  • Better testing
  • Increased productivity

Automation can not only minimize release cycle issues, it can significantly enhance the quality of the releases while allowing resource to deliver more

  • Significantly cut down wasted test cycles
  • Greater reduce sub optimal use of resources
  • Identify issues faster
  • Accelerate release cycles
  • shorten the overall sprint time lines

What we offer

Techelium specializes in CI automation and brings in-depth domain expertise to fine tune and enhance the overall process. We offer consulting and automation development services wherein we can custom build automation to your specific needs,

We offer

  • Consulting services for CI and best practices
  • Applying CI to large projects
  • Automation design and fitment to your needs
  • Fine tune process to maximize efficiencies
  • Continuous work with you in achieving your organizational goals

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