Firmware Testing and Test Automation

We offer testing services and test Automation to augment your team from offshore in India. We specialise in bring in automation of testing including areas like connectivity related, Peripherals, Codec and whole host of services addressing wireless, Auido , Video and communication products.

Quality testing is a critical process as many of the Dev and production builds depend on the quality of testing and how well the firmware functionality and features are tested. We specialize in offering automated test services that enhance product testing and hence quality and significantly reduce development cycles.

Automating many of these tests will enhance the quality of testing and decrease the testing time needed.

We offer testing solution and services including

  • Firmware testing service
  • Identify new test cases
  • Regression of test cases
  • Testing of Peripherals like LED, LCD, display,
  • Connectivity
    • Blue tooth
    • Wi-Fi
    • GSM
    • RS 232 port
    • USB
    • SPI, I2C or equivalent
    • Ethernet
    • ZigBee Protocol
    • Proprietary connectivity ports

Firmware Test Automation

Many of the critical testing needs to be done repetitively and all of those testing may not be automated. We bring in the expertise to automate many of such testing to bring in efficiencies. This will speed up the testing cycle and reduce the overall cost of testing while enhancing quality of the testing and hence the product

  • We can take over the automation solutions entirely and free up your bandwidth
  • Optimize resources utilization through our IP
  • Allow you to focus on quality of the testing / coverage
  • Reduced stress levels on resources – and hence better focus and quality testing
  • Easily adjust to faster sprint cycles
  • Build better products
  • Faster delivery cycles
  • Focus on bug free products

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