SD-WAN Testing

TecHelium super speiclaise in SD-WAN testing offering out sourced test engineering services to test all of the components in the SD-WAN testing cycle. We are a market leader in SD-WAN testing . We bring deep technical expertise in testing SD-WAN, Controllers, Virtualization, Next Gen Firewall, L2 / L3 Protocols , Test Automation and compliment it through our re-usable test suites. We provide test engineering services to help companies test tier SD-WAN products, achieve their productivity, Product Quality and profitability goals.

Our SD-WAN test specialization helps us to quickly jump start your product testing and ramp up the engineering team in that will not only test your SD-WAN implementation but provide automation help.

SD-WAN is a poised for tremendous growth in the next 18 – 24 months. The market is already primed for SD-WAN and given all of the advantages the SD-WAN brings, its certain that the adoption will accelerate.

SD-WAN Test offering

We provide end to end SD-WAN testing, that includes

  • Next Gen Firewall
  • IP protocols, OSPF, BGP, PPP , DHCP, NAT…..
  • uCPE / vCPE / CPE testing
  • LTE Protocols
  • Management interface CLI / SNMP / NetConf / Web UI

SD-WAN Testing – our Customers

TecHelium is a leader in SD-WAN testing. and currently has SD-WAN clients who take advantage of our SD-WAN testing services. Our clients are some of the leading SD-WAN product companies that are making a big impact in the market. They offer marketing leading solutions and are gaining global customers. We are their outsources test partner and provide test engineering services to test their SD-WAN product. We not only help companies in SD-WAN testing of their product, we bring to the partnership the ability to accelerate the testing, enhance the product quality through our best in class testing, speed up the product release cycle and reduce their cost.

SD-WAN Testing – Our Test Engineering Team

We have an excellent team that is well versed with SD-WAN testing and bring all round expertise in end to testing of the various components. A branch office connectivity will typically include a number of protocols, Next Gen Firewall, various connectivity option including LTE connectivity and the product USPs right from controller to Traffic management, QoS, accelerators and bunch of other features. TecHelium has in depth experience in the entire chain of the modules that make u the SD-WAN solution. We not only provide SD-WAN test engineering services, we also have deep expertise in Automation and Regression testing.

SD-WAN Testing – Next Generation Firewall testing

Security is one of the key aspects on the branch connectivity and Next Gen Firewalls is a key element in not only providing enhanced security, it also makes simple and easy to manage the policies at a highly granular level.

We at TecHelium provide excellent test engineering services for the Next Generation Firewall testing as a part of our SD WAN test offering. Whether its port level filtering, URL or application level or user level, IP sec implementation and whole host of the other features and functionality, TecHelium has the expertise to not only test these components end to end but also automate the testing and help accelerate the testing.

Outsourced SD-WAN Test Service – Highly Cost effective SD-WAN Testing

The testing of such complex implementations calls for high level of skills sets and an well qualified team. Our SD WAN test team as good as the best any where awe continue to expand the high quality team. Our SD-WAN test pricing is highly competitive and guaranteed to not only reduce our testing cost, but also accelerate the test cycles thus making our SD-WAN test services more productive – more bang for the buck !!

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